Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ Google Street View ~

I did a post back in March about the Google Street View car coming down my street & "catching me" working on my car.

Well I've been checking Google maps weekly waiting for it to pop up.  

Well this is me!!! And my face isn't even blocked out WTF.


Back in March I did some research on what kind of recourse I'd have about pulling the images down when they did get around to posting them. I found out that you can file a complaint & Google will review it and POTENTIALLY blur the image.

I did just that & in less than 24hrs this is how that same pic looks.

Almost my entire home is blurred but you can still see my MC in one angle. So I filed another complaint to have that image blurred more.

I'm actually quite impressed that Google stepped up & did what I think is the right thing.


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