Monday, March 26, 2012

~ My Uncle ~

My dads big brother Carl, has always been my favorite uncle. He just turned 70, he was in the Army & the Navy, worked the mines in Kentucky & was the "Blast Man" on a dynamite crew clearing rock for high voltage powerlines. At the end he is a retired truck driver & blue collar to the core & has ALWAYS driven Chevy trucks.
When I was a kid it was a lowered root beer brown & tan 55' Chevy. His latest is this one he bought back in 2006. Fully loaded & as my cousin says shaking his head "he thinks he's a pimp" ..... my uncle says laughingly "You know I paid $31,000 in 1976 for my house & I got 30 years to pay it off. That damn truck cost me more than $32,000 & they only gave me 6 years to pay it off..."

The system is broke. Buy used, buy American.


Basket-Case said...

i love your uncle already...!@!

hellsheros said...

best god damn quote ive heard in years.