Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Information

Myself & the Professor have planned to stop HERE at 1:30-2:00pm for lunch

Every & anyone is welcome to meet us here & have a cold beer & GREAT BBQ &
Foo Man Lou may come join us if he's not too busy setting shit up 

Afterwards we plan on riding north to Petrified Forrest Rd/Calistoga Rd and down to the Hall Ranch Dust Up 

text or call me if you'd like any more info

This weekends itinerary for:
Hall Ranch Dust Up 

Brought to you by Smokey & Clutch Monkey's Foo Man Lou

Here's the times & what your $10 donation gets you:

2:00pm- Roll in

Free beer on tap

3:00pm- Biker Olympics (sloth race, wheelie competition and ride by hot dog nosh)

Salad bowl full of herb to roll your own joints

5:00pm- local bitch'n Taco Truck shows up

6:00pm- the bands start

Pete & Repete

followed by

Tiger Honey Pot

This is going to be a really good time. Hope to see you there.

The entrance is obscure:
 If looking at Safeway, go behind it on the right, back where receiving trucks go. You will see a gated driveway and there will be a sign saying 
Hall Ranch Dust Up

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