Sunday, May 15, 2011

• 1%er's •

This jackass wears this shit in the greater Sac area, currently in a McDonald's.

I'm completely speechless.
This isn't a t-shirt or hoodie. It's a full blown leather cut with real patches including "MC" & "CALIFORNIA" the CA rocker alone has sparked many club disputes.

I'm completely surprised that people like this aren't beat unmercifully. My only conclusion is that real 1%er's don't want the unnecessary attention an ass whooping would bring down on their club.

Simply, who can justify beating up a retarded kid.


The Flying XS said...

Hahaha SAMCRO, He is wearing the colors from a TV show!!! What a dick!

jbfrmca said...

you making fun of my cut????????????

WacoJohnnyDean said...

Is he wearing sweat pants?

brotherC said...

Hey dude, he looks pretty tough to me. Did ya happen to see what kind of cool bike he rolled in on? Maybe he had a matching support your local "Sons" sticker on his oil bag. Not shitting you, they actually exist.

BIG HYDRO said...

The 1% club here had a situation last year with the same thing. The samcro cut was removed promptly.