Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~ Assholes ~

Sacramento, CA
The ONLY reason I even noticed these two assholes was because they were driving like ones. Darting in & out of traffic and at one point tailgating a dude on an MC.
I catch them at a light look over and it's two fucking cops full uniform & bulletproof vests. The cocksucker driving was on his cell phone & the passenger was surfing the net (assuming)
Obviously so consumed with their own ego's that they didn't even notice me snapping off pics.
You two fucktards can suck a bag of sweaty dicks.

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Old Stf Cycle said...

Yeah I hate this kinda shit also. One time I was in the gay bay and some idoit in a convertible bmw was driving while typing on a lap top computer. We're doing about 75mph in heavy traffic and I have my kids in my truck while this dip shit flys past us.