Friday, September 17, 2010

-Tyler's First Ride-

Glad you guys are breaking him in right.-- Thanks J


Ea$yCo said...

cop1:Look guys having fun!
cop2:I bet we can take that away from them!
cop1:yeah! Lets play bad cop bad cop.
cop2: ok so long as I get to be the "badder" cop.
Biker1:whats the problem officer?
cop2:you were loud and ugly.
cop1:hey arent you those guys over on Dean?
biker1:yep (smiles big)
both cops:we are gonna have to impound these "things" for public safety reasons and give you several bullshit tickets that will consume any money you may have spent partying for the next several months.

dkb said...

hahaha perfect but you forgot!

"Dean"biker: Hey man I know my rights!!